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Арсеній Яценюк - політик

Арсеній Яценюкполітик



I have taken the decision to resign as Prime Minister of Ukraine . On Tuesday, April 12 my request will be submitted to the Parliament . The political crisis in the country was created artificially . The desire to change one person blinded politicians and paralyzed their political will for real change . The process of changing the Government turned into a mindless running in place.

We cannot allow destabilization of the executive branch during a war . This would be inevitable, if after this resignation a new Government of Ukraine is not selected immediately . The Parliamentary faction of the Block of Petro Poroshenko has nominated Volodymyr Groysman to the post of Prime Minister . Having done everything to ensure stability and continuity of our course, I declare my decision to transfer the obligations and responsibilities of the Head of Government of Ukraine.

This Government is the best in the history of Ukraine . Both of the last two Cabinets were unique . They were the first manifestations of New Ukraine . I thank those colleagues who have acted honestly and selflessly.

Over the past two years of war, my fellow party members from People’s Front faction have been a pillar of support to the Government in Parliament during difficult unpopular, but necessary reforms . I thank People’s Front for its support . Please support my decision and continue our joint work together . People's Front remains in the coalition because today it is the only way to defend the state.

I thank our nation, society, civil society activists, volunteers; I thank each and every one of you for your endurance and patience.

As of today my goals are broader than the authority of the Head of Government . New electoral law . Constitutional reform . Judicial reform . Coalition control over the direction of the new Government . International support of Ukraine . Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and NATO . This is only a part of my program.

The core of our problems is not purely political . It is ethical . As in our everyday lives, politics is the result of morality - our ethical standards . If dignity and morality require changing the political rules, then changing these rules is certain to occur.


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Арсеній Яценюк - політик

Арсеній Яценюкполітик